Philips Conference Briefcase – DPM 8900

Philips Conference Briefcase – DPM 8900
Includes free 2 years SpeechExec Dictate Software subscription.
Record meetings of up to 40 – 60 people
Capture your idea in meetings with 360° recording
Superior audio quality
• 360-degree sound pick-up for optimal recording
• High recording quality in DSS Pro, MP3 and PCM format
• Extendable solution for increased recording range
• Innovative meeting microphones for superb recording
Easy and intuitive experience
• Built-in wire storage for adjusting cable length
• Elegant metal carrying case for portability and protection
• SpeechExec Dictate for easy upload to the Cloud
Designed around you
• Easy to use out-of-the-box solution for instant use
• File encryption and PIN code protection
• Automatic file download via optional LAN adapter supported
Designed to capture your meetings, the Pocket Memo meeting recorder provides
excellent sound quality combined with easy-to-use technology. The extendibility of
components lets the system grow with the needs of your business.
Package content: Metal carry case, DPM8000, USB Docking station, Micro-USB to USB
cable, Working pouch, 16 GB SDHC memory card, Li-ion battery, 4x 360° Meeting
microphone LFH9172, Y-cable, power supply, Remote control, Printed user manual

R19,981.00 Price is VAT Inclusive