PHILIPS DVT 2110 for Interviews and Notes

PHILIPS DVT 2110 for Interviews and Notes
Exceptional recording
crystal-clear sound
The Philips VoiceTracer 2110 is the perfect companion for recording interviews,
conversations and small meetings. Thanks to the two high-quality microphones, your
recordings will always be clear and intelligible, so nobody’s voice gets lost.
• 8 GB internal memory for up to 88 days of recording
• Two high-fidelity microphones for utmost speech clarity
• Stereo MP3 and PCM recording for clear playback and easy file sharing
• Audio sensors for automatic perfect audio settings in any situation
• Rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery for extra-long recording
• Large colour display for clear recording status information
• Plug and play in Windows, macOS and Linux
• A dedicated device for uninterrupted recording
• Smart recording and playback functions for best recording results

R2,743.00 Price is VAT Inclusive