PHILIPS DVT 4110 for Lectures and Interviews

PHILIPS DVT 4110 for Lectures and Interviews
Exceptional recording,
Shared instantly
Capture lectures and distant speakers in outstanding sound quality thanks to the three
specialized high-fidelity microphones. Record and control your recorder remotely using
your smartphone app for even greater flexibility. Easily share your files with the world
via the app.
• 8 GB internal memory for up to 88 days of recording
• Three high-fidelity microphones for best-in-class audio recording
• Stereo MP3 and PCM recording for clear playback and easy file sharing
• Rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery for extra-long recording
• Free smartphone app for remote audio control
• Smartphone app for easy sharing of recordings
• Large colour display for clear recording status information
• Audio sensors for automatic perfect audio settings in any situation
• Plug and play in Windows, macOS and Linux
• Tripod mount for optimal stable positioning
• Smart recording and playback functions for best recording results
• Control your Philips VoiceTracer audio recorder using your smartphone and
share your audio files easily and quickly with your colleagues, friends and

R3,559.00 Price is VAT Inclusive